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locksmith Edinburgh blog post 9/10/18

locksmith Edinburgh. too many adslocksmith Edinburgh. too many adsNowadays when you search for any services on the internet, you will be bombarded with hundreds of results. sometimes it can be hard to decide which company to choose.

The problem is, the majority of these companies who advertise as local, are actually national companies. These companies can charge vast amounts for the services they provide.

The work they do is no better than what you would receive from a local tradesman.

At Budget Locksmith Edinburgh, we are a genuinely local locksmith in Edinburgh, and we Charge genuinely local prices.

We can supply and fit locks for as little as £60, probably half the price you would pay a national company.

Locksmith Edinburgh – no hidden costs!

The reason we can keep our prices low, is because we operate under the vat threshold. This means we do not add 20% onto the final bill. This may not seem like much, but it can save the customer £20 for every £100 worth of work done.

We also do not charge any type of call out fees.

Many companies advertise this perk, however they will charge the customer, if they do not get any work from the visit.

At Budget locksmith Edinburgh we only charge for the work we do. If you want us to come out and give a free quote, that is not a problem.

If we have to return to the job at a future date because parts need ordered in, no charge will be added to the final bill either.

For every job, we tell the customer at the beginning what the price is, and under no circumstances will that price change!

Locksmith Edinburgh – customer care

At Budget locksmiths we believe in treating customers the way we would like to be treated.

We will take the time to explain to customers what needs done, and what doesn’t need done.

We have the patience to deal will all types of people, including the elderly and the disabled.


Edinburgh Locksmiths External Security Tips

Edinburgh locksmiths

At Budget Edinburgh locksmiths, we believe the most important part of anyone’s home security is the OUTSIDE of the property.

This is what any criminal will have to cross before reaching the property. Therefor safeguarding this area should be a homeowners main priority.

External gardens

If the property has gardens, there are ways they can they can be made a nightmare, for any would be thief.

If the gardens have walls or fences, they could be painted at the top with vandal grease – overlapping the edges to make visible. This will make people think twice about climbing them.

Another security measure could be to install wall spikes. These spikes are cheap, and easy to install – not to mention an excellent visual deterrent.

Edinburgh locksmiths garden security


Homeowners could also plant new bushes, hedges or trees. Hedging plants like the Leylandii are extremely fast growing, and can make accessing a garden very difficult.

External doors and windows

If traditional wooden doors secure the property, make sure they are fitted with a 5 lever British standard mortice lock. These types of locks are almost impossible to force open. They are also a requirement for almost all insurance policies on the market.

If the property is secured with multi point locking doors, insure they are fitted with a high security Euro lock. At Budget Edinburgh locksmiths, we install high security anti snap Euro locks for as little as £75.

These locks will insure nobody can pick, drill or snap the lock out of the door.

As for windows. Make sure they are fitted with locking handles – and the keys are not left in the locks.

If the windows are lift up sash windows, having sash stops installed is a cheap and effective way of preventing a window from being forced open.

External walls

The external walls the property could have motion sensored lights or CCTV installed. These act as a great visual deterrent, for intruders scanning for a target.

Most thieves will move on to an easier target, when there is a risk of being caught!

Happy to help

This article was designed to increase awareness, and give an insight into the psychology of an intruder.

For any questions or further advice, give Budget Edinburgh locksmiths a call. We can arrange a free home security survey at your convenience.